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30 July 2017



The transfer from Krabi to Phi Phi Island happened with Ferry and lasted about 2-3 hours, depending on how the weather is on the coast. Depending on whether you are in Seefest, you should look for the top deck on the hydrofoils and blow a fresh breeze around your nose, otherwise some might get bad during high seas. Directly on front of the Hotel, we were wellcomed by Guest Relationship Manager and the activities Manager, Mrs Khun.

The Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful hotels and resort, we have visited so far. The complex has been cautiously integrated into the unique landscape in the country-style style. Behind the hotel is a dense massive jungle that is lush up into the hills. Exotic birds and cicadas acoustically underline the paradise island. Now they are building new private villa behind the Beach view. They called it Ocean view. In November there are some Dolphins swim in this ocean.

It is only couple weeks ago that we booked the hotel but according to the photos, which are numerous, there has not changed much. The lobby is lined with two large clay jugs, with water lilies and goldfish floating around. teh View from the Lobby to the beach is just unbelieveable, Very tranquil. At the reception we were given cool, fragrant terry towels to dab the first beads. Afterwards there were freshly pressed fruit juices as welcome drink. The handling and assignment of the rooms went quickly and uncomplicated. The very friendly Thais were dressed in country-style dress and underlined the fine and luxurious but not pompous style of the hotel.

No matter which bungalow you book, everyone has its own special charm and is blessed with a breathtaking view. We were lucky and had a bungalow right on the white fine sand beach. Overlooking the unnatural turquoise water. our Bungalow directly beside of the Activities station. It made us easy to inform what next we can do during our stay.

Sportive activities such as diving, paddling squash, Private Yoga Classes and tennis were also offered boat trips to the Spectacular Island World. By the way, the film „The Beach“ was shot with Leonardo di Caprio.
The restoration was carried out in secluded semi-open buildings. All the central around the reception were homogeneously integrated. A small shop with more or less useful souvenir was available as well as a doctor, if it was necessary.


The breakfast was buffet style. Coffee was served at the table. They Have so many fresh and juicy tropical fruits were offered daily. They taste exceptionally good. It is everything you would expect from a continental breakfast and even a bit more. Whether coffee, tea, fruit juices and fresh milk you get for breakfast everything your heart desires. Muesli, curd, yoghurt, sausage, scrambled eggs, omelettes, bread and rolls as well as small sweet particles leave nothing to be desired. We looked forward to the great breakfast every day. Especially on the fresh pineapple. A must in Thailand. They were also grown there on the island.


As already mentioned, you can have lunch and dinner in 2 different restaurants. It was especially good on the beach side, where the tables were in the sand, you could catch fresh crabs and crawfish or fish, there were well-kept drinks, all in all pure holiday. Make absolutely. You can order a honeymoon dinner, the perfect place for a marriage request. The many photos show it.

for further Information please click here;
The Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island
Lam Tong Beach,
Ko Phi Phi Don 81000, Thailand
p: 066 75 627300




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Как добраться до отеля Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island 

Laem Tong Beach, Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand

+66 75 627 300

Отель Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island расположен в северной части острова Пхи Пхи Дон на участке пляжа Лэм Тонг с множеством пальм и белым песком. Из Пхукета или Краби до отеля можно добраться за один час на частном быстроходном катере или за три часа на общественном пароме.  More information on getting to the resort.

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